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Vehicle Fire Research

Research into real cases of fire damage


    Current problem

    The increase in fire damage presents a series of problems which differentiate fire damage from other accident damage in vehicles, and the principal aspects to be considered, affecting various professional groups, are as follows:

    1. Insurance companies

    • Increase in total number of total write-offs as a result of fire
    • Total vehicle loss
    • Difficulty in investigating the accident damage
    • Lack of training and experience in technical experts
    • Possible responsibility of vehicle manufacturer
    • Acts of vandalism
    • Fraud in search of compensation


    2. Vehicle manufacturers

    • Claims during the guarantee period
    • Difficulty in investigating the accident damage
    • Assuming responsibility as vehicle manufacturer
    • Problems with the product
    • Lack of training and experience in technical experts


    3. Appraisal offices, companies and private individuals

    • Need to outsource work
    • Total loss of vehicle
    • Difficulty in investigating the accident damage
    • Knowledge of causes in order to allocate responsibility
    • Long complicated processes


    CESVIMAP experience

    In this type of work, CESVIMAP brings to bear its lengthy experience in investigation and research into fires, accumulated from the reports prepared on demand for our clients.

    To this end, a complete investigation process has been developed, which includes:

    • Ascertaining the origin and the cause of the accident.
    • Attribution of responsibilities.
    • Technical report with documentary justification.
    • Legal defence.

    Advantages of CESVIMAP work

    The added value offered by CESVIMAP becomes clear in the correct carrying out of the process to be followed to analyse any fire damage, and in providing, in turn, the following advantages:


    • Clarification of the technical causes of the accident: The product, unforeseeable causes, deliberate causes, etc.
    • Attribution of responsibilities.
    • Reduction in damages
    • Claims reduction
    • Improved product know-how
    • Costs savings: training, staff, etc.
    • Speed of response.
    • Professional experience.
    • Complete task undertaken


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