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Services for insurance companies

Services for insurance companies

Services for insurance companies

Among CESVIMAP's diverse international activities, one of the most noteworthy is the performance of audits for insurance companies.

 Currently, CESVIMAP is providing this service for four companies in four European countries and two countries outside the European Union.

Our working method is to hold meetings to become familiar with the internal operating systems for claim management, to audit hundreds of appraisals – carried out by the respective insurance companies' experts – and to visit the repair shops they work with, accompanying the appraisers and analysing the relationship between the insurance company and the repair shop, and the documents used in the administrative process.


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In this way, we have taken an exhaustive look at the system for managing accident insurance claims and at the quality of appraisals in insurance companies, in order to prepare an optimisation plan. By putting into practice the proposals made by CESVIMAP, the agility of the claims management process has improved, and both internal costs and the costs of claims handling have gone down. The cost for repair to accident-damaged vehicles has gone down by as much as 13%.

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